BIM 360 Design Extended Access Program

Due to the current situation with COVID-19, Autodesk is offering certain products as an extended trial, free to use until May 31st. One of those products happens to be BIM 360 Design. Let’s get into the details:

Let’s start with an overview of the Extended Access Program and how it applies to BIM 360 Design:

Here are some very useful links to additional information:

Extended Access Program for Cloud Collaboration Products

BIM 360 Design EAP Trial Program

Revit Users – Work From Home Options

Are you a new customer or an existing customer? Have you been invited to a project or do you need to host your own? How does the extended trial apply to you? This video should clear it up:

BIM 360 Design Day One video series

So how do you actually sign up for the trial? The next video walks you though it:

BIM 360 Design Trial Page

BIM 360 Design Day One video series

So all that is great! You get to use BIM 360 Design for free until May 31st. But what happens to your project data when that time is up? Watch the next video to learn your options:

That’s all there is to it. If you’re able to take advantage of the Extended Access Program, hopefully that clears things up so you can proceed with confidence. Good luck!

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