Sharing Method #2: Live Linking

So maybe you don’t want to workshare with another Revit user (i.e. work in the same Revit model together, maybe even at the same time) but instead you just want to link to a file that’s being actively worked on by a design team. That’s live linking and you can watch the video below to see what that’s all about or you can skip to the lower section and just read about it.

So the first step to linking to any Revit file is to launch the Link to Revit command from the Insert tab of the Ribbon.

Now comes the important part. Be sure to use the External Resources icon to access the cloud files that have been uploaded through Revit as either cloud workshared models, or just plain cloud models.

From there you can locate the file you’re linking to and you’re good to go.

What you DON’T want to do (unless you want to link to the published model) is use the BIM 360 virtual drive made available via desktop connector. This path will NOT link you to the live model being edited via Revit, but will instead link you to the published version in BIM 360 which may be out of date compared to the latest saved Revit model.

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