BIM 360 Design Sharing Method 4: Consuming Packages

Linking to the Shared folder is handy but what if you don’t want to automatically incorporate another team’s changes as soon as they upload them? That’s where consuming packages comes in. This gives your team the power to decide when any changes from other teams are incorporated into your design environment. Watch the video to see how it’s done or just scroll on by and follow the steps if you’re too impatient to watch the video. You should know, however, that the video contains lots of extra insight in addition to the technical steps.

So how do you consume a package? It’s actually really easy.

Start by clicking on the circle that represents the package and then click Consume. (You’ll find this circle on the timeline at the top of the Design Collaboration page. You may need to click the tab at the top center of your screen to expand the view of the timelines.)

Click Consume again, and you’re done.

It’s that easy. Now if you want to check out the package before you consume it, you can click Explore (shown in the first image). This will allow you to see a list of what’s contained in the package, explore the model, sheets, and views, and even compare changes with the previous package. I think we’ll cover the Explore functionality in a future video so keep watching for that.

So there you have it. That’s how you use Consume to put the ball in your own court when it comes to incorporating the changes of other teams.

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