BIM 360 Design Sharing Method 3: Using the Shared Folder

Sometimes you don’t want to see every change that’s happening on a Revit model while you’re linking it in. Or, if you’re the author of the model, you may not want other teams to see and use your work until you’re ready. By using Packages and the Shared folder in BIM 360 Design, you can get control over what other teams see and when. To find out how, you can watch the video below to see how it’s done, with lots of play-by-play and discussion. If you’d rather just skip to the steps, just scroll on by the video.

The first really important thing you need to know is that syncing with central does NOT automatically update what you see in BIM 360. In fact, you can think of the storage location for Revit worksharing to be separate from BIM 360. However, there is an easy way to push your latest model from Revit into BIM 360, two ways actually.

The first is to use the Update to Latest button on the BIM 360 Design Collaboration page.

This will pull the latest changes from Revit worksharing and save them to BIM 360.

The second way is to use the Manage Cloud Models command in Revit.

Once you’ve located the model in question in the Manage Cloud Models dialog, simply click the icon to Publish Latest

It will take a few minutes for the BIM 360 version of the model to finish processing the changes.

When it’s finished, you’re ready to share the model out by creating a package. To do this you need to click the drop-down at the top of the Design Collaboration page to show the timelines.

Then, click the plus sign at the right end of your timeline to begin creating a package.

Choose the models, views, and sheets that you want to include in the package, then click Save. When you’re finished putting the package together and you’re ready to share, click Share.

After clicking Share, a Dialog will appear where you can provide the name and description for the package. You can also choose to add what you’re sharing to a Document Set (a topic for another day). Once you’re ready, you can click Share.

Now the latest version of your model will appear in the Shared folder in BIM 360. You’ll find the Shared folder alongside your team folders in Document Management. Within the Shared folder will be a folder for each team. If a team has submitted a package, an RVT file will be located in the associated folder. If the team has submitted multiple packages, the RVT file in the Shared folder will be from the most recent package submitted. In other words, this file is updated automatically every time a package is submitted.

So what? Well the real point of this story is that from Revit, users can link to the models in the shared folder and every time a package is submitted, their link will be updated. So it’s a great way for the author of the file to control what is shared with the other teams while also allowing the other teams to get the updated information without much effort.

So that’s how teams can share information in a more controlled manner using Packages and the Shared folder in BIM 360 Design. In an upcoming video we’ll take this level of control one step further and talk about Consuming packages. Sounds yummy!

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