Uploading Revit Models to BIM 360 Design for Collaboration

So you’ve got your BIM 360 project set up and your teams defined on the Design Collaboration page. Now it’s time to upload those Revit models so that the collaboration can begin. How do you do it? Watch the video below for the long version or skip it to go straight to the steps.

1. Open the model you’d like to publish in Revit

2. Check the Publish Settings dialog. You’ll find this on the Collaborate tab. Make sure you’ve selected all the sets, views, and sheets that you’d like to share.

3. Click the Collaborate icon and select the BIM 360 Document Management Option

4. Browse to your team folder within the BIM 360 project folder structure and then click Initiate

IMPORTANT: Two things have happened here and you need to be aware of what they are:

  1. You created a cloud workshared model to be used for Revit collaboration. This file is in it’s own special location that can only be seen by Revit.
  2. You’ve also created a published cloud model that is visible and accessible through BIM 360 and through Revit (via the Desktop Connector).

Right now the published cloud model is identical to the cloud workshared model but as soon as you make a change in Revit and sync to the workshared model, the published cloud model will be out of date in comparison. You can remedy this by publishing the model to update the published cloud version, but from here on out this is a deliberate act. Now this might seem like an unnecessary extra step but when you think about it, it makes sense. There may team members who don’t need to see every design iteration, every time you sync with central. By giving them access to the published cloud version, you get to control what they see and when.

That’s all there is to it. Pretty easy, right? If you’ve skipped over the video, think about going back to watch it because there’s a lot of information shared about logins, permission, and what happens between the steps above. Happy collaborating!

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