Creating Folders and Setting Permissions

Once your project has been created, you’ll want to create folders to store your data and to organize your data so that you can give access to the appropriate people. In this post you’ll learn how to make new folders, invite people to access those folders, and set permissions so that you can determine what people can do when they’re in those folders. The post also includes an explanation how roles and companies fit into your permission scheme.

You can watch the video below or scroll down to the step-by-step. Your choice.

1. Access the Document Management screen by clicking Document Management in the module selector.

2. Click the ellipsis icon next to a folder, then click Add Subfolder.

3. Type in the name of the subfolder and either press Enter or click the check mark icon.

4. Too give someone access to the new folder, click the ellipsis for the new folder, then click Permissions.

5. In the box at the top, start entering an email address, role name, or company name, the select the choice you want in the list that appears.

Note that you can give access to individuals, roles, or companies. When a person is invited into a project, you have the opportunity to specify a role and/or company for them. With the ability to give permissions to roles and companies, you can give permission to multiple people at once or even give access to people who will be added in the future, provided they are assigned the appropriate role or company.

6. Choose the permission level for the individual, role, or company. The choices range from Upload Only to Full Control.

  • Upload only – Upload to the folder with no visibility of its contents
  • View – Open and view the files in the folder with no ability to edit those files or upload new ones
  • View + Upload – View files in the folder and upload new files, but no ability to edit files in the folder
  • View + Upload + Edit – Edit files that appear in the folder but no ability to add new folders or invite others to the folder
  • Full Control – View, edit, upload, make folders, and invite others to the folder

7. Click Add.

That’s it! Repeat as needed to add more folders, people, roles, or companies.

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