I Just Synced with Central – Where Are My Changes?

So BIM 360 Design uses BIM 360 Docs as its platform, right? Then why, when I sync with central, do I not see the changes in my model in BIM 360 Docs? To make sense of it, watch the video below or just skip past it and read on.

The answer is pretty simple, but it wasn’t obvious – at least not to me, probably because I’m not a Revit user. You see, syncing with central does not automatically publish the Revit model to BIM 360 Docs or BIM 360 Design Collaboration, even though it’s all the same platform. I’ve italicized publish because that’s the key word here. Unless you deliberately publish your Revit cloud model to BIM 360, you won’t see the changes there.

So how do you publish? That’s easy too. From Revit, you can click Manage Cloud Models on the Collaboration tab…

And then simply click the icon to publish the latest changes.

And just recently, you can also publish from the Home screen by browsing your BIM 360 project data on the left, checking the box next to the file, and clicking Publish.

Also, from BIM 360 Design Collaboration, you can accomplish this by clicking the Update to Latest button for the team that the Revit file belongs to.

If you’re a Revit user, this is no big deal for you – you’ve got everything you need to make this happen. But what if you’re not a Revit user, just a stakeholder in the project who wants to check in on the model and maybe make some comments, etc. In that case you probably only have access to BIM 360 Docs, so what do you do? Well, you’ll have to ask someone with Revit and/or access to BIM 360 Design to publish the latest model for you. And, if this is something you want to check in on on a regular basis, you’ll need to build a steady cadence of publishes into your project team workflow. I guess that’s why BIM 360 Design has the ability to schedule recurring publishes as frequently as once per week.

So, if you were wondering why your changes weren’t showing up, I hope this clears it up for you.

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